Why Should I Drink Tonight? October, 3rd : Tommy Lee’s Birthday

tlee“I didn’t want to give up drinking because I believe I can have moderation in my life. I did give up for a year, but I felt my fans would be disillusioned if they met their favorite rock star and he was drinking Evian.”

Most of you know him as the drummer from Motley Crue. Others now him from the video of him screwing Pamela Anderson on a boat in Greece. Either way you’ve heard of him. And, either way, he’s rightfully famous.

Jumping onto the Sunset Strip in ?? Tommy Lee met Nikki Sixx, and the band slowly formed. Adding Mick Mars, and Vine Neil. Then in 1981 the band released Too Fast For Love and the rest is history.

What to drink tonight? What to drink? We’re going to be pouring Jack Daniel’s once again. Why? That’s what rock stars drink.

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