Why Should I Drink Tonight – July, 18th : Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ Birthday

hawkins003“I’m a big mouthed screamin’ man who uses a lot of flamboyance in his shows,”

Born in Cleveland, Hawkin’s won a Golden Gloves Championship, served in World War II, became one of the first Shock-rockers, appeared in a bunch of films, and fathered about 75 children.

In 1991 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins said in an interview, “The producer says, ‘How do you act in nightclubs?’ ‘Like any other entertainer.’ ‘Do you drink?’ ‘Yes, I drink.’ ‘Do you get drunk?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Do you go onstage when you’re drunk?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘How do you sound when you’re drunk?’ ‘How the hell do I know, I’m drunk, I can’t remember.’

“So he went out and got a case of whiskey and got me drunk, the whole band got drunk and then we recorded I Put a Spell on You.”

He later said that he had to listen to the recorded version of the song, just to relearn it.

Celebrate today by having a bottle of whiskey, form a band, and wake the neighbors up by 4:00 AM.


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