Mr. Beer

79-LRGI was at Target the other day and found a box the was labeled Mr. Beer. It was on clearance so I thought to myself , Why not? Who wouldn’t want to makeĀ  their own beer. I picked it up real quick as there were only two left.

I went straight home opened it up, followed the instructions, Sanitized the plastic keg, warmed up the beer mix, added the yeast and and stored it

in a dark place. Box said it would be ready in 2 weeks. I went to sleep that night with visions of home made beer in my head.

The only problem was that it would be light beer.

Day 7.

I looked at my calendar and saw a week had passed since I started the beer. As soon as I got home I headed straight for the keg. Shined a light through it and saw that it was still cloudy, and that the yeast was still active. Placed the keg in it’s dark spot for another couple of days.

Day 10

Checked on the beer again, seemed like it was ready. Instructions stated that it should taste like stale beer. I poured myself a shot and tasted. hoping that it would be ready. Nope, not today. It still had a sweet taste to it.

Day 14

The beer seemed like it was ready today. Two weeks had gone by and I was ready to bottle my beer. Added some sugar to each bottle and filled it up. I was ready to drink some right away, but beer with no carbon is just stale. Filled up 15 bottles. Placed them all in their dark spot and waited for the sugar to do it’s magic.

Day 17

I was hoping for the beer to be ready. Most of them weren’t, but I grabbed a couple and put them in the fridge to try them.

Day 18

I opened the first bottle and it seemed pretty decent, although it was a bit too sweet. The second bottle was just flat.

Day 21

Seemed like the beer was ready, so we tranfered all of our bottles to the cooler, tomorrow, we will taste them all. Or most of them.

Day 22

Most of the beers were too sweet, some were still flat, but some were almost good, although they still were sweet. Maybe it was because it was a light beer, maybe because we were in a hurry and opened them before their time. Or maybe it’s because I should stay out of the brewery and just sit at the bar waiting for someone else to make it. Well that was just my opinion on it.

Jimmy the guy who brewed the beer with me said, “The beer came out to sweet, but we also used a light mix. I’d try it again with a different kind.”

We gave a bottle to my uncle who didn’t really seem too happy about it. He said “It’s in the fridge and I take a sip a day.”

It looks like our days with Mr. Beer aren’t over. I’ll be ordering a different Beer mix, and see how the next one works out. Only problem now is which mix should I get?
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