The Quest For The Perfect Ketchup

IMG_0256As I look in my cupboard, and see Ketchup, or Catsup (if that’s how you like to call it), that’s over processed, filled to the brim with high fructose corn syrup. Well no more. I have started on a quest. A quest like no other. I will find the elusive recipe for perfect Ketchup.

After searching on the internet for a recipe, I stumbled upon Heinz’s secret recipe. Not sure how real it was, cause it was published by someone else, but he did have a whole bunch of secret recipe’s on that site. Anyway upon looking at the ingredients it mentions corn syrup. That had me thinking I didn’t want to try making it.

Than I read through the comments. A couple people decided to switch out the corn syrup for honey. I thought to myself, “Hey, I can do that.” And I did. So, I grabbed all the ingredients and was off to try and make my own Ketchup.

I threw all of the ingredients into a big pot, and it was too big. That’s all right, it’ll reach a boil faster. I started mixing everything with a whisk, and let it to simmer for 20 minutes. Stirring it every few minutes. Once the twenty minutes were up, I took it off the flame and pllaced it in an ice bath. I wanted this too cool down as fast as possible.

I decide on a few taste tests, to see how good this Ketchup actually was. First I tried it plain. You could taste the tomato, and the honey came through. Probably more than the tomato. A little too sweet for my taste.

Next up was on some fries. I grabbed a handful of fries and went to work on them. Dipping them in the ketchup and devouring them. I didn’t like it that much, again the honey was too strong.

Finally, I made a cheeseburger, with just ketchup. I took a bite, and still didn’t think it was better than bottled. It could be that I just don’t like the tomato, honey combination or that I wasn’t using it right. So, I added a little bit of mustard, pickles and raw onions to the burger, and decided to give it one more chance. And, that was it. The Ketchup blended well with the other toppings. And made a pretty decent burger. I had to show everyone.

So, I called up a couple of people. Actually they were right there, I just told them to try some. Jimmy said that it was the best ketchup he ever tried. This coming from a man who previously stated he doesn’t like ketchup. Pancho said it was good, took half of it and ran home.

I think I’m on to something here. I’ll need to find a different substitute for the corn syrup to get it to my liking.


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