Chicken Ranch BLT

chicken ranch bltThis one’s going to be the last chicken burger we’re going to do. So, we made sure that we saved the best chicken burger for last. The Chicken Ranch BLT, kind of a big name, but that’s not stopping us from making it.

If you have your ingredients we’re ready to go, if not go ahead and pick them up. You’ll need ground chicken, a hamburger bun, bacon, cheese, ranch dressing, lettuce and tomatoes. Got em? Well then …

Fire up that griddle, or whatever you’re using today. Once it’s nice and hot throw your patties on there. Lay down your bacon and let it sizzle. Once the fat has oozed out of the bacon, take your buns and place them right on top of it. Move them around a bit to cover the whole bun. Time to flip your bacon over, and the patties should be fine too, brown around the edges and the juice coming up off the top. Add your cheese to the top of the patties, we used mozzarella today. Let everything finish cooking, and then it’s time to assemble your burger. Grab the bottom bun, spread some ranch dressing on it, and place your patties on it with the bacon sandwiched in the middle. Top with lettuce and tomato and cover it with your top bun. That’s it, enjoy.

chicken ranch blt

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