Italian Burger

italian burgerWell not Italian per se, but it was inspired by the tomato mozzarella salad, (pictured below). Everyone has seen or tried this salad, it’s simplicity is perfection. Four ingredients, sometimes less is better. Anyways, what we liked about this burger is that it complimented the burger well.

First off we broke down the salad, tomatoes, mozzarella, spinach, olive oil. We gathered those ingredients and along with a hamburger bun and ground beef we were ready to start cooking.

Fire up that cooking surface, be it a griddle, a grill or a frying pan. Once it’s nice and hot Place your patties on there and season them, salt and pepper. brush some olive oil on your buns and toast them. Once your patties are brown around the edges, and the juice is coming up off the top, it’s time to flip them over, season once again and add a couple slices of mozzarella cheese on them. Grab your bottom bun and place a couple leaves of fresh spinach on it. A couple slices of tomatoes for the top patty, and your set. Assemble your burger and your ready for another perfect burger.

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  1. paula racine says:

    U make the best burgers!!!!!

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