WSIDT – March 10 : Chuck Norris’ Birthday

“When Chuck Norris orders a vodka martini it shakes AND stirs itself.”

Everyone knows who Chuck Norris is, even if they don’t know his name they’ve seen him on TV. The Texas Ranger always came out of everything unscathed. He never needed to wear body armor, or anything else for that matter.

Chuck Norris can kick anyone with a roundhouse kick so devastating that when he kicked a horse, it turned into a giraffe.

Sure, I know that most of these aren’t “really” real but sure beats out anything else that we could have thought of. Or are they?

The Chuck Norris

1 part vodka, cherry
2 parts energy drink

Pour the shot of vodka, and place the glass into a larger glass. Then, fill the larger glass with the energy drink till it reaches the rim of the shot glass.

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