WSIDT – October 8 : Jerry Lee Lewis Records “Great Balls of Fire”

“Stone Cold Sober? I don’t believe in that.”

It was October 8th when Jerry Lee Lewis had an argument with head of Sun Records, Sam Phillips.

“You can save souls!”

“No, no, no, no!”


“How can the devil save souls? … I got the devil in me!”

A few hours later Jerry Lee Lewis had finished recording “Great Balls of Fire”. Some believe that it was after the effects of whiskey had encouraged him to actually do it. (That some might just be me, but who’s counting.) The song that had made Lewis into a household name. Probably the only song most people know of his Some people know the song, but don’t know who he is.

To celebrate this day, we recommend whiskey. Tons of it. Jerry Lee Lewis was drinking heavily since he was 15. Most of the time he was chugging whiskey. Now it doesn’t matter what kind of whiskey you’ll be drinking, but go ahead and polish off that bottle that’s been sitting in the cupboard for over a year. Even if it is Evan Williams, or the dreaded Johnnie Walker. At age 15 Jerry Lee Lewis was probably drinking rotgut himself.

We’ll leave you with a clip of Jerry Lee Lewis performing “Great Balls of Fire”.

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